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Our menu concept is simple - limit the our offerings so that we can focus on bringing you high quality, consistently delicious sandwiches all the time. To that end, we always have our most popular sandwich:

Ebbett's Cuban

A non-traditional take on the classic Cubano, the Ebbett's Cuban is the Latin Lover of sandwiches - it comes on strong, fulfills your sandwich dreams and leaves you wanting more.

Slow roasted Duroc pulled pork, artisan ham, gruyere, jalepeno relish and chipotle aioli on a crusty Acme roll.

We also always have our vegetarian offering:

Asian Tofu

If you've had it with your typical anemic veggie sandwich option, then you've come to the right place. Our Asian tofu is showing other veggie sandwiches what's what. A little bit spicy, a little bit crunchy and a whole lot satisfying. Oh, and if it matters to you, it can be vegan, so there.

Roasted house-marinated Hodo Soy tofu topped with a red and green cabbage, carrot, mint and cilantro slaw in ginger-lime vinaigrette with wasabi aioli on an Acme torpedo roll.


Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich

Sliced Rocky Jr. chicken tossed in lemon-tahini dressing, with persian cucumbers, grape tomatoes and romaine with olive-feta tapenade on an Acme torpedo roll.

Mediterranean Chicken Box

Brown rice, chickpeas, Rocky Jr. chicken tossed in lemon-tahini dressing, persian cucumbers, tomatoes, and chopped romaine with olive -feta tapenade.

Grilled Cheese

English cheddar and arugula pesto on Acme levain.


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